Dr. Bob’s Story

Doctor Robert L. Ignasiak (affectionately called Doctor Bob by the locals of Freeport) has been wrongly convicted by the United States Federal Government of prescribing controlled substances to patients without determining a sufficient medical necessity. What business does the governement have telling a doctor how to treat his patients? In his own words, “I have been rewarded for my 20 years of medical service to my small community with life in prison.”

“Doctor Bob has always been an honest, caring family man who never supported drug use/abuse and was adamant about projecting this believe with his children and their friends.”

—  Former Patient


How it started

Started the Freeport Medical Clinic and married Teresa Higgens, a nurse he worked with at the clinic. Together with Teresa, they started a “Mom and Pop operation”. The Freeport population at the time was a small 500 people within the town limits and Dr. Bob was the only full-time doctor. As the small town of Freeport's, Florida's first and only doctor, Dr. Bob has cared for thousands of patients and has always prescribed dosages that adhered to the Physician's Desk Reference. He founded the Freeport Medical Clinic in 1985 has served the local community for more than two decades.

As one former employee who worked at the clinic affirmed during the trial, “if somebody was sick in Freeport and needed to see a doctor that particular day, they would come to see Dr. Ignasiak.” In 2005, after making successfully returns on investments made in real estate, Bob decided to retire.

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The Government wrongfully accused Dr. Ignasiak of prescribing unnecessary or excessive quantities of controlled substances without a legitimate medical purpose. They called it a “scheme to defraud health care providers.” Find out how the government manipulated the facts to put an innocent man in jail.

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